Tooth whitening is a process that has recently become more popular. In the past, different cultures and societies placed value on teeth that were black, or flied down, and reshaped into points.

Blackened teeth were prized in some Asian and Oceanic cultures, in Russia, as well as the South Americas, but this trend disappeared after the introduction of European standards of beauty during the Colonial eras. Unexpectedly, the process had the health benefit of preserving the teeth and preventing cavities like the sealant process used today.

Tooth filing, or removal was a practice in some of the same geographic areas…

Implant Planning

In my years of working with dental implants the surgical process has changed due to technology as radically as gasoline engines have morphed into Tesla’s.

When I first started in practice, panoramic machines were common but cone beam scans were not widely available. Using a 2-D panoramic x ray with 3mm radiopaque calibration markers and a wet periapical film provided all the available information, in addition to my knowledge of anatomical structures, and what areas to include or avoid.

3 mm radiopaque markers were placed in the mouth with a guide or appliance during the panoramic capture and then measured…

Repetitive clenching or grinding of the teeth (bruxism) can be caused by stress. Paradoxically, it can also relieve stress, by increasing cranial blood flow and stimulating the centers in the brain that influence increased release of dopamine and serotonin.

On the other hand, teeth are not made to withstand the heavy repetitive forces that bruxism can cause.

Chewing food normally will create forces up to 45 pounds of pressure per square inch on teeth when you chew a steak, for example . In addition, most tooth contact during eating lasts at most 5 minutes in total.

Compare this to the…

Our brains have a sweet spot of function for many of our conscious and subconscious activities. Through evolutionary processes the most important and efficient processes have been prioritized to first utilize the cortex of the brain’s highest energy consuming functions while the least important or least critical processes are shunted to a lower energy consuming and lower level of consciousness. As a result, the functions that command our greatest attention are those that make us aware of matters of life preservation. Those, for example, include hunger, thirst, pain avoidance, sleep, and reproduction.

Functions that continue with lower conscious awareness include…

How to deal with dental emergencies during the Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown until you can reach your dentist for a more permanent solution.

What can you do about dental emergencies when you are on lock down? Here are some very temporary solutions to apply when you can’t reach a dentist promptly.

If you find yourself with an unexpected dental problem these tips can help until you can see your dentist to treat the problem more permanently. Make sure that you check with your physician if there are any suggestions that involve medications or rinses such as salt before you try these.

Chipped or broken tooth

Dr. Robert Korwin DMD, PA

Dual Mastership Awards from The International College of Oral Implantologists and and the Academy of General Dentistry

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